Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions.

Before your dog is groomed you must agree to the terms and conditions and sign the declaration form. Terms and conditions are always available on my website. Your personal information is confidential and will not be shared with any third party.

Any changes to your information or your dogs health please inform me so i can continue to provide a tailored service for your dogs needs. 

Booking and appointments.

To avoid disappointment i recommend to book your dogs next groom at time of appointment or at least two weeks in advance. To keep your dogs coat and skin in good health and well maintained they should have a regular grooming schedule(3-12 weeks depending on breed)this will also help control skin irritations and parasites. Dogs that are not groomed at correct intervals for their breed/needs may incur additional charges/matting and handling fees. Ensure you are home at the time of appointment, a ten minute window before and after the appointment time should be given for my arrival. Please ensure your dog has been walked and been to the toilet before their groom. A confirmation text of your appointment will be sent a day before.

Your dogs health and welfare.

Throughout the groom your dogs health and welfare is my primary concern, all dogs receive a full groomers health check prior to the groom beginning, any abnormalities noted you will be notified straight away, if safe to do so, then the groom will still go ahead. 

If your dog is extremely scared or anxious during the process we will work together as much as possible to help your dog overcome their fear and associate grooming as a rewarding, positive experience; additional handling fees may apply.  Breaks can be given if your dog needs them. At my discretion the grooming process can be stopped if your dog becomes uncontrollable or a threat to themselves or myself; full price of the groom is still payable. Muzzles are used as a last resort. Occasionally during grooming hidden pre-equisisting conditions may be discovered, it's important you seek veterinary treatment.

You must, to the best of your knowledge; disclose any medical problems your dog may suffer from and inform me of any changes, confirm your pet is fit and healthy for grooming and is covered from parasites. Any dogs found to have fleas will be treated with a flea shampoo and an additional cost will be charged £5-£10, please inform me beforehand if your aware your dog has fleas. 

‘’I agree that Mia the Fur stylist cannot be held liable or responsible or any patchiness,irritations, abrasions or hair loss due to any pre-existing conditions or as a result of grooming, handstripping or clipping, or any other mishap caused by my non disclosure of my dogs medical conditions or behaviour’’. 

Matted coats and clip off policy.

The need to remove matted hair is a necessity, matts not brushed out or shaved off will in time cause skin irritations due to dander, dirt and parasites trapped under the matts. Sores and hair loss, as matts get tighter they will pull from the skin causing sores and bald patches, in severe cases maggots can infest the sores. Ear bruising/ haematoma bleeding can occur due to matted ears and head shaking once matts removed.

 Dematting of a coat during a grooming session, known as ‘’targeted matting’’ will only be undertaken if; matting is minimal and your dog can cope. Dematting is limited to 20 minutes only. An additional charge of £15 per 20 minutes or less of dematting will be added to the price of your dogs groom. 

If your dog's coat is severely matted, beyond the ability to brush out, then the most humane, fair and least stressful method is a short clip off. It is not uncommon to find pre-existing sores, hot spots, and other skin issues once the matted coat is removed, there is a possibility your dog's skin can become irritated from being clipped so close.

Any humane dematting will take place at my discretion in compliance with the Animal Welfare Act 2006; section 5- ‘’Animals are to be free from pain, injury and suffering’’. If your dog is too sore and can not cope with a clip off then the process will be stopped, Vets advice should be sought.

A clip off takes extreme care, extra time and products and significantly more wear and tear on equipment than routine grooms, therefore you will incur an additional charge on top of the groom price;£15-£30 depending on severity and dog size. You must sign a ‘matted release form’’ prior to clip off.  


Your dog may be photographed/filmed before during and after their groom, photos may be used for my portfolio, social media, website and advertising, Please let me know if you do not want you dogs photo to be used/taken. 

Deposits, cancellations and pricing.

Please try to give 48 hours notice if you would like to cancel your dogs groom. Less than 48 hours notice of cancellation may incur a charge of 50% of the starting price of your dogs groom, this must be payable on the day of the missed appointment. 

 You may be asked to pay a non-refundable deposit to secure your dog's appointment of £15, payable via bank transfer. 

Starting prices are based on dogs that are used to and are professionally groomed on a regular schedule(minimum 6-12weeks), and are well maintained between their grooming sessions(mat, tangle and knot free by regular brushing and combing). Extra charges may be incurred for overgrown or poorly maintained and matted coats, difficult dogs or those that need breaks throughout the process.