All services are perfectly tailored to your dogs requirements. Only natural, top of the range shampoos and products are used with your dogs welfare always in mind.


Full Groom.

The full works, the perfect pamper!

Bath, blow dry, brush, full body styling to your request or your dogs needs. Ears cleaned, claws clipping and a spritz of pawfume.


Bath and brush.

Perfect for in between full grooms.

Bath, blow dry, brush, spritz of pawfume.

Tidy up.

Perfect for in between full grooms.

Bath, Blow dry, brush, face and sanitary tidy, spritz of pawfume.



Doubled coated and those that are shedding!

Bathed in a luxury natural shampoo containing oat protein and aloe vera, specially formulated to release loose hair and undercoat while cleaning and condionting the coat. Blow dry, deshedding brush, pawfume, and claws cutting.

Puppy introduction.

3-8  months old.

Its very important your puppy is introduced to the grooming process from a young age. I reccomend your puppy to have atleast 3 puppy grooms before having a full groom. Package includes; bath, blow dry, brush, face, paw and  sanitary tidy, spritz of pawfume and claws cutting(and not forgetting the cuddles!)



Wire coated breeds.

Handstripping is when the top coat is pulled by hand to leave the soft undercoat, rather than clipping to maintain the harsh texture of the wire coat. Bath, Blow dry, spritz of pawfume and claws cutting.

Nailclipping only.

From £10

Claws too sharp? No need to visit the vets!

Service availble for cats aswell!


luxury spa treatments.

£5 each or 3 for 2.

Spa treatments are added on to your grooming pacakge to create the perfect pamper for your pooch. Mix and Match!

Fresh breath gel.

hydrating butter lotion.

paw and nose balm.

colour enhancing shampoo.

flea and tick shampoo.

Nail painting. 

Getting rid of that dog breath!

Ultrasound teeth cleaning is state-of-the- art oral hygeine technology. Ultrasound removes tartar and stains, freshens breath and kills bacteria with no harmful side effects. No anaesthetic required. Avoid dental vet bills by regular plaque and tartar removal.

Not suitable for dogs with dental or gum disease/inflammation.

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Prices are dependant on your dogs breed, coat type, condition and size for a more accurate quote please contact me.

If your dog has any allergies, skin complaints or medical problems that you think may effect their groom then please let me know when booking your appointment. 

All dogs will recieve a full groomers health check before the groom. 

Terms and Condtions apply.