The most effective dental hygeine

for dogs!

An estimated 80% of dogs,

by the time they are 3 years

old have started to       

show some signs of dental or gum disease.


Ultrasound teeth cleaning is state of the art oral hygeine technology, with so many benefits for your dog.

  • Non invasive.

  • No vibrating and completely silent.

  • No brushing needed

  • Gently cleans while also helping to repair gums.  

  • Removes tartar and staining.

  • Kills bacteria which causes mouth odour meaning fresher breath.

  • Prevents gingivitis and periodontitis (which eventually leads to liver/ kindey and heart disease)

  • Prevents tooth loss.

  • Pain free and stress free.

  • Help avoid veterinary dental bills and anaesthetics.

The ultrasound toothbrush has a patented piezo-chip located in the brush head, this creates up to 96 million air oscillations per minute.

When the brush used with the specially formulated tooth paste millions of microscopic nano bubbles are continually created and implode. This creates a suction effect which removes impurities such bacteria , plaque and tartar.

The ultrasound waves also kills bacteria within the gum pockets.

The brush is simpily held on the tooth for 20-60 seconds while the ultrasound waves and toothpaste do the work.  

Your dog will get its own brush head included in your first session. The head will need replacing after around 30 sessions or sooner if becomes mishaped. 

Results are usually seen after the first or second session depending on the severity and hardness of the plaque build up.

Most dogs will require atleast 5-8 sessions before teeth are completely clean, then will require regular maintenace sessions to keep teeth in the best condtion.

Its reccomended initially to have atleast 1-2 sessions per week for the best results then regular 3-6 weekly appointments. This depends on the severity of staining and tartar build up and how quickly you want to see the results.  Appointments can be arranged every other day for initial course for the best and quickest results. 

This is a prevention treatment and not a cure, if your dogs teeth are extremely bad, teeth are loose or already has severe dental disease then a Veterinary dental may be require. Ultrasonic teeth cleaning can then be used after. 


Price List- Pay as you Go.

This is a mobile service done from the comfort of your home.


First Treatment.

Includes your dogs personal brush head, 30 minute teeth cleaning.


Top up/Maintenance session

For those that have already had their first session. 20 minute session.


Top up/ Maintenance session

For those that have already had their first session. 30 minute session.


Add on to groom.

20 minute session whilst your dog is being groomed. must have already had a first session.


Replacement brush head.

New brush head.


Price List- Pre-Paid Packages.

This is a mobile service done from the comfort of your home.


Starter Package.

1 Brush head, 2x 30 minute sessions, 5x 20 minute sessions.


Premium Package

1x Brush head, 3 x 30 minute sessions, 8x 20 minute sessions.


Maintenance Package

15x 20 minute sessions.


Replacement brush head.

if the brush head needs replacing during your pre paid package.


Ultrasound Teeth Cleaning.

Before and After Pictures.

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teeth 11.jpg
teeth 13.jpg
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